Roscoe Thomson is an artist from, and based in, Glasgow.  Combining photography, printmaking and writing,  His work is a journey of discovery exploring multiple aspects of reality as experienced -  a reality based upon perception and shaped by desire.  Drawing on memory and imagination,  he examines our both simple and familiar world of appearances, finding also  apparent complexities that enliven any given situation.

Determined by an approach that is to look, the work involves a continual search towards something that can and will always be found, no matter how unknown, even upon the fringes of reality, re-created and re-constituted as some new present at every moment. The expression is a method which is neither completely deliberate nor random, rather more like some kind of automatic act.

He depicts a reality by representing a possibility of the existence and non-existence of states of affairs.

“For to look is to look at myself, a perception, a point-of-view, and the phenomena within the realm of perception offers these depths with a glimpse towards limitless and scattered realities co-existing therein...the stage where all is played out.”

The approach is not to document any particular past time, place or event, rather the relations of time, of past and future to a constant present.  “like some procession of past states, I can see this passing, I can steal this ride and do so, by the pressing of a button on a camera, the making of a print or the writing of a word.”

Working exclusively with 35mm black-and-white film and experimenting in the development of film, he embraces imperfections and a certain level of risk while also considering the more traditional craft of printmaking and photographic darkroom practice. This fashions his work with a distinctive quality, quite unlike that of other contemporary artists.